Who Am I


Mental Health Therapist

Hello! I am a gracefully imperfect person who loves helping people grow to reach their  desired goals.  Through therapy I facilitate the healing process needed to recover from depression, anxiety and/or substance abuse so that one can live the life they want to live.  

I know that negative thoughts feelings and self defeating behaviors can get in the way of us realizing our full potential.  I also know that with effective support compassion and insight we can have a new lease on life. This is why I became a therapist.  I believe in the power we have within us to transform and over come the smallest mistakes to the largest obstacles.  My training and education along with my life experiences have provided me with deep insight and a special ability to connect with others.  I am committed to living life on purpose and I strive to help others manifest their  desires.  

I am a wife, married for twenty years and the mother of teenagers.  For pleasure I enjoy exercising, writing and shopping for shoes (smile).  I am a Army veteran and a big advocate for  social justice.

My clinical experience includes working with youth, adults and families focused on mood disorders (depression, anxiety, Bipolar II), behavior modification, interpersonal development, trauma and substance abuse. My therapy approach is solution focused working towards your identified goals.  I utilize mindfulness and cognitive behavioral therapy treatment  modalities to create change. Progress in therapy will be dependent on the work we do together during therapy sessions and the work you'll need to  do outside of session as follow through. 

I am grateful for the privilege to partner with you as your therapist and I look forward to working with you.  Thank you.